What is the iCareBetter Video Vetting Process?

Unveiling Excellence: Double-Blind Review of Endometriosis Surgical Videos

Hi, my name is Dr. Saeid Gholami, and I am the founder and CEO at iCareBetter. 

For many years, I saw people with endometriosis suffer from failed treatments and a lack of access to experts who treat this complex disease.

People with endometriosis deserve access to doctors who are verified to provide better care, and iCareBetter is designed to help. iCareBetter is the first platform for patients to find doctors with verified expertise in treating and excision of endometriosis. 

The iCareBetter review process is unbiased and invites doctors to establish themselves as trusted and evidence-based experts in care. Doctors are asked to submit three full videos and an overview of treatment approaches for review by a panel of peer experts.

The entire process is double-blind, meaning the identities of reviewers and surgeon applicants are kept anonymous to ensure a fair process for providers and accurate patient information.   

iCareBetter has no affiliations with pharma companies, hospitals, or medical schools — this ensures an ethical and transparent process.

We invite all endometriosis experts worldwide to apply for verification. Let’s reduce patient suffering and increase transparency in care. Let’s create a safe space for patients to find verified experts.

Features of iCareBetter double-blind review process:

🔍 Objective Evaluation: In our commitment to excellence, each surgical video undergoes a rigorous double-blind review process, ensuring impartiality and transparency. Renowned experts in the field meticulously assess the techniques, precision, and innovation displayed by surgeons without knowledge of their identities, creating a fair and unbiased evaluation.

🌐 Global Perspectives, Local Expertise: Our panel of reviewers comprises a diverse range of global experts, bringing varied perspectives and experiences to the evaluation table. The review process combines a wealth of knowledge from renowned specialists in endometriosis to identify and celebrate the finest surgical practices.

🏆 Recognizing Excellence: The outcome of this double-blind review is the acknowledgment and celebration of surgical excellence. Outstanding techniques and comprehensive removal of endometriosis are recognized.

🤐 Maintaining Anonymity: Throughout the double-blind review, the identity of the surgeons remains confidential. This ensures an unbiased evaluation purely based on surgical skill and technique, fostering an environment where merit prevails.

🌟 A Tribute to Surgical Brilliance: Join us on this journey as we emphasize the brilliance of endometriosis surgeons. The double-blind review process recognizes our commitment to advancing surgical expertise and celebrating the dedication of those at the forefront of endometriosis surgery.

Together, we can reduce the time to an effective treatment by connecting people with endometriosis to VideoVetted experts. Join us in this challenge — and — please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about the application process. Together, we can improve endometriosis care once and for all!

🎥 Stay tuned as we unveil surgical excellence through the lens of double-blind reviews, setting a new standard in the world of endometriosis surgery. 🌟🔬🔍