Brittany Gosse

Brittany Gosse-Jesus PT, DPT

Endometriosis Physical Therapist


Medical Associates Clinic
1500 Associates Drive, Dubuque, IA, USA

  • Physical Therapy
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Visit types: Office/Hospital.

Spoken languages: English

Interpreting services for other languages: Yes

Philosophy of care and typical treatment strategies: In caring for patients with pelvic floor-related conditions, including endometriosis, I aim to assess the individual holistically. Recognizing that all systems of the body have interactions with one another and each system must be optimal in function on its own in order to facilitate optimal function and well-being of the whole person drives my clinical decision-making and assessment process. In physical therapy sessions, my aim is to identify and address musculoskeletal and neuromuscular related factors contributing to a person’s pain from endometriosis whether that be related to chronic inflammation, scar tissue, past or recent surgical intervention, secondary muscle tension, or a combination of factors. I utilize visceral mobilization, myofascial techniques, dry needling (basic and advanced techniques- to include pelvic floor), re-education of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems to help address and individuals presenting complaints. I believe that the answer always lies within the patient and I dedicate time in each session, especially the first session, to hear someone’s story, their history, their complaints and really get to know them to help determine driving factors for their symptoms and address the things that are most important to the individual in front of me. I also value interdisciplinary care and work with other healthcare providers to assure that all areas are being assessed and addressed as indicated. The gold-standard of care for endometriosis is important to me and I strive to provide connection to those resources whenever possible. I also include education of the patient and recommendation of resources regarding endometriosis throughout treatment sessions because I have seen the power that knowledge has. Often in the world of endometriosis management the patient is forced to be their own strongest advocate and I want my patients to be armed with as much knowledge as possible. ‘Knowledge is power’ and I think it is one of the most valuable interventions I can provide to my patient’s in addition to the manual work and other therapeutic modalities I have to utilize during treatment sessions.

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Cash Pay, Commercial insurance payers, and Medicare. Please contact your specific insurance company or our office to determine if we are in or out of the network for your therapy coverage.

Waiting Time:

approximately 2 weeks

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Fellowship & Certificates:

Board Certified in Women’s Health Physical Therapy – ABPTS July 2019-2029
Certified Dry Needling Specialist, November 2021





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