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Searching for an endometriosis expert is very hard. Most of the time, you have no idea about their knowledge and surgical skills and whether they will be able to treat your case. iCareBetter evaluates each provider rigorously. For gynecology surgeons, we review their skills in managing different types and locations of endometriosis. Their surgical expertise is peer vetted, so their ability to do safe surgery. For physical therapists, we assess their knowledge of endometriosis and their experience with endometriosis patients. You would not want to go to a physical therapist that has seen none or very few patients with endometriosis in their entire career. Endometriosis is a complex disease; most physical therapists have zero or minimal experience with it. We have done the vetting for their knowledge and experience so you can focus on more critical aspects of the care and gain your health and wellness back.We bring endometriosis experts closer to patients.All iCareBetter providers have undergone rigorous vetting to ensure appropriate knowledge and quality. Thus, we review their experience, knowledge, approach to treatment, principles, and philosophy of endometriosis care. With iCareBetter, patients can ensure their voices are represented in the expert search process and choose their care team based on their specific needs.


Dr. Lissa Jenn

Dermatology Specialist

12 years experience

“Normal” Pain

Our doctors have learned to manage complexity of endometriosis care.

70+ doctors, 20+ satates

Dr. Steven Vasilev
Dr. Steven Vasilev

Endometriosis Specialist

20 years experience

Dr. Andrea Vidali
Dr. Andrea Vidali

Endometriosis Specialist

13 years experience

Dr. Gaby Moawad

Endometriosis Specialist

11 years experience

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Use your criteria and symptoms to find experts that can handle your case.


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After you find your experts, contact them or ask them to contact you

Dr. Chyna Jackson

Optometrist Specialist


Receive high quality care

After making the connection, expect them to deliver a high-quality care to you and help you manage your endometriosis.


Follow-ups as needed

Endometriosis is complex, so you might need post surgical follow ups, or several treatment sessions. These experts will let you know how to do the follow ups.

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"I have had 3 endometriosis surgeries in the past and now I need another one. But this time I am waiting for a doctor in my area, Colorado, to get vetted by the iCareBetter system so I know I can trust them with my body. If no doctors in my region get approved, I would be willing to travel across the country to see an iCareBetter vetted surgeon."

Jennifer Medow - An endometriosis warrior

"Before iCareBetter I had problems with uneducated gynocologist providers only offering lupron, birth control, orlissa, or poorly done surgery. But iCareBetter helped me find Vetted Doctors who practice gold standard for excision and post care. I like doctors being introduced based on their areas of expertise because I knew that if I had a special area of concern they would have the ability to at least consult with me about it vs me wasting valuable time."

Corenia Murphy - An endometriosis warrior

"If a doctor is not vetted by iCareBetter I would be depending on sheer dumb luck, and lots of Google research to learn about their expertise in endometriosis. Seeing an iCareBetter vetted doctor tells me that I’m safe, that I’m going to get some answers after all. Doctors’ profiles on the website are specific and honest about the doctors’ accomplishments and credentials. But most importantly, they are not vague which helps in finding the right doctor. "

Varsha Pednekar - An endometriosis warrior

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Endometriosis happens when cells similar to the inner layer of the uterus grow outside the uterus. Its most common symptoms are pelvic pain, infertility, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

iCareBetter has developed a vetting process that assesses the knowledge and experience of providers. The vetting process is specific to the expected endometriosis expertise and is different for each type of provider (Treating Surgeons vs. Diagnosing Providers Vs. Physical Therapists etc..)

All our physical therapists have to pass an endometriosis focused oral interview or written test and meet two of the three following criteria:
-more than 50 hours per year of exposure to endometriosis patients in the last year.
-a great patient feedback from endometriosis patient(s).
-certificate of training in pelvic physical therapy.

Surgeons need to submit their surgical videos for a double-blind peer-to-peer review. And if they get a satisfactory assessment from the peer experts, they become an iCareBetter  VideoVetted expert.

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