What is iCareBetter?

iCareBetter is a platform to find and introduce endometriosis experts to patients. We hope to improve access to high-quality endometriosis care for all patients.

Do experts on iCareBetter have any equity ownership in iCareBetter?

No. None of the iCareBetter experts have any equity ownership in iCareBetter Inc. unless explicitly stated in their profile. iCareBetter is a private company. And Dr. Saeid Gholami is the founder and CEO and owns majority of the company. We also have raised some funding from our investors.

What does it mean if an expert has VideoVetted next to their name?

This group includes Gynecologists that have expertise in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery. A VideoVetted surgeon has shared videos of their excision surgery procedures, and their videos have been reviewed and approved in a peer-review process. We recommend these surgeons to those who are looking to have an excision surgery for their endometriosis due to pain or infertility or any other reason. This group of providers has the phrase “VideoVetted” next to their name on the website. 
Learn more:  What is the iCareBetter Video Vetting Process?

What does it mean if an expert does NOT have VideoVetted next to their name?

This group of providers includes Physical Therapists and some Gynecologists. These providers have shown great interest and experience in endometriosis, but have not gone through video vetting process yet.

How do surgeons get VideoVetted designation?

Surgeons need to submit their surgical videos for a double-blind peer-to-peer review. And if they get a satisfactory assessment from the peer experts they become an iCareBetter VideoVetted expert.

Who are the reviewers for surgical videos?

Reviewers include the VideoVetted surgeons and some retired doctors. To minimize the conflict of interest, we often send the videos to reviewers with the least relevance to the applicant. For example, if an applicant applies from a specific region, we send their videos to reviewers in a distant region, country, or continent.

Did iCareBetter grandfather in the first group of VideoVetted surgeons without vetting?

Transparency is one of the prime concepts and the foundation of iCareBetter. To that end, every VideoVetted surgeon in this system has passed rigorous peer-to-peer video vetting. To achieve that goal, we invited the first group of seven surgeons who mostly did not know about each other’s participation in iCareBetter. Then these surgeons had to submit their videos for vetting in a double-blind process. Therefore, none of the VideoVetted doctors in iCareBetter received any preferential treatment.

Are surgeons standing in judgment of other doctors who want VideoVetted designation?

No, iCareBetter is a double-blinded video vetting system grounded in evidence-based medicine. And all personal identification for the surgeon is redacted and reviewers do not know who they are reviewing. Therefore, video vetting is based solely on skill level as evidenced in full-length, unedited video submissions.

What if someone does not pass the video vetting?

We at iCareBetter believe that expertise in surgical excision of endometriosis is crucial to the safety of patient care and quality outcomes. And we also believe that the endometriosis community needs more skilled and dedicated excision surgeons. Therefore, we have built into our system a program to facilitate partnerships between established surgical experts and those who do not pass the initial vetting process. These mentors will serve those who are seeking to grow through the advice and counsel of senior surgeons. 

How does a gynecologist without VideoVetted designation get on iCareBetter?

These gynecologists are interested in helping endometriosis patients. We find them through recommendations from patients, advocacy groups, reviews on the internet, and or their expressed interest by contacting iCareBetter.

How do physical therapists get vetted?

All our physical therapists have to pass an endometriosis focused oral interview or written test and meet two of the three following criteria:
-more than 50 hours per year of exposure to endometriosis patients in the last year.
-a great patient feedback from endometriosis patient(s).
-certificate of training in pelvic physical therapy.

Is iCareBetter international?

Yes, iCareBetter is hoping to extend throughout multiple countries and continents. Please email us to learn more (Info@icarebetter.com.)

Do patients have a say in iCareBetter?

iCareBetter is a patient-centered platform. Therefore, we have designed and upgraded our work based on patients’ feedback. Also, to bring patients’ voices in the vetting process, we continuously ask patients and trusted patient advocates to give us feedback and anonymously review each doctor’s application. However, our plan is to monitor patients’ outcomes and objective feedback and take action based on that.

How do I enroll in iCareBetter?

We would love to have you and our process is transparent. If you pass our vetting system, then your name will be on iCareBetter. But if your score falls below the passing level, we will encourage you to take coaching and mentorship and reapply. You can go to this link to start your application for surgeons and physical therapists.

Please feel free to contact us for more information: info@icarebetter.com