Georgia Spry

Georgia Spry

Endometriosis Dietitian


Practice Name: The Dietologist
Address: Suite 11/20-40 Meagher St, Chippendale

  • Dietitian
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Visit types: Virtual

Spoken languages: English

Interpreting services for other languages: No

Philosophy of care for endometriosis patients:

Our philosophy at The Dietologist is all about finding each person’s unique blueprint when it comes to their diet and lifestyle that can help improve their daily life, reduce their endometriosis-related pain, improve their gastrointestinal function, and optimize current or future fertility (if desired). We have a philosophy of person-centered care based on the latest science, collaborating with multi-disciplinary team members for optimized and coordinated care, as well as approaching nutrition in a non-perfectionistic and flexible way! No unnecessary strict elimination diet protocols that make you feel bad about yourself for “slipping up”, we want you to experience maximum flexibility with your nutrition so you can live life how you want to, with minimum symptoms getting in the way!
How can the right diet help an endometriosis patient?

The right diet for an individual can help correct common nutrient deficiencies – iron, B12, vitamin D, calcium

identify and navigate food intolerances (more common in those with endometriosis) with as little restriction as possible
adopt anti-inflammatory dietary patterns to manage pain and chronic inflammatory symptoms associated with endometriosis
nutritional strategies to help with constipation, diarrhoea, and bloating as well as IBS (judicious use of the low FODMAP diet as required)
design bespoke supplementation plans to support dietary intake as well as endometriosis symptoms. Supportive nutrition strategies for individuals and couples trying to conceive (assisted or unassisted) – including optimizing egg quality before IVF, conception, or egg freezing, supporting sperm quality, and enhancing implantation using evidence-based nutrition strategies.

Financial Disclosure

I consult with Perdays who creates prenatal vitamins and other supplements, this relationship will end on February 1st 2023.


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Hospital Affiliations:



Medicare - Australia
Private Health Insurances (all) - Australia
NDIS - Australia

Waiting Time:

2-4 weeks

In Practice Since Year:


Fellowship & Certificates:

- Current APD status
- Member of Dietitian Connection
- Blue card and NDIS Worker Screening
- Infection Control Training and PPE Training





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