Why can’t I find Dr.Seckin listed in here?


Doctors get listed on iCareBetter with several mechanisms:

  1. They apply to be vetted with their surgical videos. These doctors will have a “Video Vetted” badge on their profile.
  2. They express their interest in helping endometriosis patients. These doctors do not have a “Video Vetted” badge on their profile.
  3. Patients recommend them.  These doctors do not have a “Video Vetted” badge on their profile.

Dr. Seckin has not been in any of these categories yet.

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Honestly glad Dr. Seckin is not on this list and understand why he wouldn’t be. Though I’m sure everyone’s experience is different (especially if you are a celebrity or from wealth which he made clear verbally even). I was physically hurt during an internal examine (after he acknowledged I was in  pain from the procedure) and proceeded to be extremely rough and brutal for the rest of it causing much more pain to the point of tears. In his office he proceeded to ask my Fiancé at the time (now husband) what he did for work 3 times mind you only asking me once, then proceeded to ask him does his parents owned the company he works for.  95% of the discussion was about money even though at the beginning we stated money was not an issue and my health comes 1st. The other 5% was actually about my health but wouldn’t even let me speak kept cutting me off until my husband had to step in cause he refused to listen to a word I said. His goals seem not in line with helping women with Endometriosis but rather the money that can be made off us.

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