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6 Movies & documentaries about Endometriosis you need to watch

Some popular movies and documentaries about endometriosis.
Disclaimer: we don’t necessarily approve of all the content in these shows. But still the impact of these efforts on raising endometriosis awareness is important. We live in a world where most people haven’t even heard the word “endometriosis.” This leads to gaslighting and dismissal of a lot of patients. Therefore, any efforts like these documentaries and movies can change the life of many.

1- All about NINA – Drama, 97 min

“Nina Geld, a brilliant stand-up comedian onstage but an emotional mess offstage, is forced to face her troubled past when she meets Rafe”

2- Endo what? – Documentary

“Women who are suffering from endometriosis and experts discuss treatments for the disease.”

3- The painful truth – Documentary

“a film about endometriosis and adenomyosis”

4- A thousand needles – Short, 29 min

A Thousand Needles Film is a documentary about the effects of women’s sexual and reproductive health issues like endometriosis on a woman’s life”

5- End-o – Short, 15 min

“Jaq is a typical young woman, navigating the foibles of life, love and endometriosis.”

6- The resilience of woman in pain – short, 27 min

“Rose has been suffering in silence from endometriosis and chronic illness for years. But it’s beginning to wear her down. An unexpected act of kindness from a stranger shows her the power of human connection during hardship.”

source: IMDB & Google library

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