Verify Your Expertise, Earn Patients' Trust, And Connect With More Patients

iCareBetter partners with endometriosis expert providers to connect them with the millions of endometriosis patients in the world.

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  • Differentiate Your Practice

    Patients can not tell if you are a true expert in endometriosis care or just another provider who claims the expertise without enough having skills. We can help you stand out from the crowd and differentiate your practice almost overnight.

  • Establish Your Endometriosis Care Skills

    By going under review of your experience, team, and practice, you can establish your excellent skills in endometriosis care for patients and the endometriosis community.

  • Certify Your Exceptional Endometriosis Care

    After being vetted, your name gets listed on our website and digital media channels. This serves as iCareBetter certification of your expertise, and patients tend to follow our certified doctors.

  • Create Transparency

    Patients often cannot verify if a provider is as skilled as they say they are, and this can quickly turn them away. By joining iCareBetter's, you can help bring verification and transparency to patients.

  • Help Patients To Trust You

    Many endometriosis patients have not been treated well before by several providers, so they have the right to ask for evidence before they put their trust in you. iCareBetter has earned patients' trust by putting them first and involving them in the entire process. Now we are ready to help you earn patients' trust, too.

  • Connect to Endometriosis Patients

    We have an audience of over 200,000 endometriosis patients and their families through channels and partnerships. By joining iCareBetter you will be introduced as an endometriosis expert in your field to all these people.

  • Receive Meaningful Patient Referrals

    Many patients and their families come to our platforms and our partners looking for a vetted endometriosis expert. At the moment, there are far more endometriosis patients than there are specialists. And by joining iCareBetter you will automatically become a referral source for those patients in need of quality care across the global endometriosis community.

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