Jessica Reale

Jessica Reale, PT, DPT

Endometriosis Physical Therapist


1505 Johnson Ferry Road Suite 175, Marietta, GA, 30062

  • Physical Therapy
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Visit types: Office/Hospital, and Virtual

Spoken languages: English

Interpreting services for other languages: Yes

Philosophy of care and typical treatment strategies:

I believe most people with endometriosis require a multidisciplinary approach. I work with amazing excision specialists and other physicians specializing in pelvic pain. As far as physical therapy, my approach is guided by current evidence in pain-science. My goal is to help people move more freely with less pain. I love yoga and use many of these movements in my practice. I also enjoy gentle manual therapies. I use a variety of manual therapy techniques including visceral mobilization, myofascial release, scar tissue mobilization, connective tissue mobilization, positional release techniques, cupping, and dry needling. I also help patients through behavioral education and coaching for mindfulness, meditation and optimizing bowel, bladder and sexual health. I use both external and internal techniques, and my goal is to help my patients learn self-care strategies and optimize their health.

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-Medicare (Traditional & Advantage Plans)
-Out of network for all others

Waiting Time:

4-6 week

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Fellowship & Certificates:

- Vulvar Dermatology for PTs/MDs by Dr. Andrew Goldstein (Atlanta, GA- 11/2019)
- Trauma Awareness for the Pelvic Rehabilitation Therapist (Atlanta, GA 2018)
- Pilates 4 Rehab- Module 3 (16 hrs- Atlanta, GA- 1/2016)
- Pilates 4 Rehab- Module 2 (16 hrs- Atlanta, GA- 12/2015)
- Cervico-thoracic-TMJ Stiffness and Lumbopelvic Function (16 hrs- Atlanta, GA 11/2015)
- Pilates 4 Rehab- Module 1 (16 hrs- Atlanta, GA 10/2015)
- Selective Functional Movement Assessment (16 hrs- Atlanta, GA- 6/2015)
- Neurac 1 Redcord (16 hrs- Atlanta, GA 3/2015)
- Spinal Manipulation Instititute Dry Needling for Lower Extremity Conditions (24 hrs- Atlanta, GA- 3/2015)
- H&W Pediatric Pelvic Floor Dysfunction- Lab Assistant Instructor (16 hrs- Greenville, SC- 8/2014)
- Kinetacore, Functional Dry Needling Level 1 (24 hrs- Greenville, SC- 1/2014)
- International Pelvic Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting (Orlando, FL- 11/2013)
- H&W Yoga as Medicine for Pregnancy (16 hrs- Greenville, SC- 8/2013)
- Demistifying Pudenal Neuralgia (16 hrs- Jacksonville, FL- 11/2012)
- Barral Institute VM1: Abdominal Visceral Manipulation (24 hrs- Atlanta, GA-12/2011)
- Herman & Wallace Pelvic Physical Therapy Level 3: Advanced Pelvic PT & Urogynecological Disorders (24 hrs- Minneapolis, MN-6/2011)
- Herman & Wallace Pelvic Physical Therapy Level 2B: Pelvic Pain Disorders (24 hrs- Durham, NC- 3/2011)
- Herman & Wallace Pelvic Physical Therapy Level 2A: Colorectal Dysfunction and Treatment (24 hrs- St. Louis, MO- 10/2010)
- SOWH Pelvic Physical Therapy Level I (24 hrs- Orlando, FL- 3/2010)
- SOWH Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy Level I (24 hrs- Shreveport, LA- 10/2009)





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