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Endometriosis is a chronic and recurring disease so you need a long term care plan for it.

Our Differences

Multidisciplinary Approach

A multidisciplinary hub for endometriosis diagnosis, treatment, and support

Long Term Care

Ongoing treatment optimization, recurrence monitoring, referrals, and support for endometriosis patients

No Dismisses

No more "it can't be that bad" or "you just had surgery" or "it is in your head"


We will be your teammate in determining the best personalized care plan for your endo journey. Our goal is to problem-solve with you based on your past experiences and future plans.

Suspected Endo

Initial tailored and comprehensive evaluation and testing, including point of service and guided external imaging, labs, and referral coordination.

Diagnosed Endo

Comprehensive review of all records, imaging and labs. Additional testing as needed, personalized multi-disciplinary integrative treatment recommendations and guidance. Pre surgical optimization planning for best outcomes.

Post Surgical Care

A proactive follow-up plan to ensure that you thrive, including mainstream and integrative solutions for recurrence monitoring and risk reduction.

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Control Endometriosis

We'll help you have a plan and will be your team to manage endometriosis.


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For a transparent fee, we manage all your endometriosis long-term needs for an ongoing care. Our team will help monitor the disease status, manage your treatments and referrals, and reduce the time you need to spend on this disease.

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Dr. Steven Vasilev

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