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If I had my choice, I’d make my way to Dr. Mosbrucker in Gig Harbor.  But it would wipe out my savings and put me into debt.  So, I’m trying to see if any Endo specialists in Portland, OR area *specifically* have had patients who have pudendal nerve pain (and si joint inflammation and instability).  The first year I used HRT to stop endo symptoms and constant bleeding, I had almost no nerve pain or si joint problems that entire first year.  It was a delightful and unexpected gift since it seemed to be getting worse prior to HRT (2.5 progesterone; 0.5 estrogen…added estrogen b/c was having night sweats, heart palpitations, etc).  The 2nd year was better, but started to come back.  Now I am in my 3rd year of HRT and I feel like all I do is try to manage the si joint pain and nerve pain (Gabapentin, 300mg/3x day).  I have a great, gently chiro (no twisting of back/sacrum).  Massage therapist.  Etc, etc, etc to infinity and beyond.  My doc is wondering if the suspected endo is causing this and gave me some names (some of which I knew from research before I began HRT — which was NOT a light choice).

Anyone here have a similar situation?  Any of the doctors here aware of which PDX endo specialists have experience with this?  I think the only Dr. my insurance will cover is Dr. Melissa Pendergrass; or Dr. Shanti Mohling.  Dr. Fogelson is out-of-network (I have Moda Connexus OEBB).  If nobody knows, how does one find out if this is something they have experience with?  Do I have to do some sort of intake to get any of this info?

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