Seeking recs for good endo doc in Baltimore area for 15 year old


I’m looking for recs for endo-smart docs in the Baltimore or in Maryland for my 15 year old. She has what may be endo symptoms like clockwork since she started menstruating 2 years ago (e.g., stabbing side pelvic pain midcycle, horrible debilitating cramps for first 24-48 hours at start of cycle, misses school each month). Ultrasound shows nothing. I am trying to gather info before her 16 yr check up in late August so i can get her pediatrician’s input and try to find a GYN who has the training needed to assess, diagnose and treat (if this is in fact endo).

In lieu of recs on specific doctors, I’d benefit from what to look for not in a surgeon per se (that is well covered on the iCare website and Nancy’s Nook), but what to look for in a GYN when it comes to training and experience. Maybe it’s the same thing? When I google “endometreosis specialists Baltimore” I find plenty of docs, but i have no idea what they’re basing this claim on.

Thank you!

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Regarding training, GYN must have training in minimally invasive surgeries. This training is not because it makes them good surgeons, but because it shows that the GYN has curiosity and training beyond routine GYN cases such as pregnancy, pap smear, etc. Endometriosis is not a common and popular topic for training in many residency programs. Therefore, a random GYN can end up with just a few hours of endometriosis training in their entire residency. But if they have that curiosity and passion to learn more, they usually take some subspecialty training.

I hope it helps.

Just to give you some options in areas near Baltimore, we have two Video Vetted surgeons that you might benefit from:

Dr. Vargas practices at John Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital


Dr. Hawa is in Virginia:

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