Why is Ireland so behind and it’s women have to suffer without help!?


Afternoon, from an unusually very sunny green Ireland. I won’t mess around with the topic in question and will get straight into topic in question.

I am an Irish female now 27, had my very first period at age 9. I would have to triple pads as I had “gushes” when standing. Bad pains always and throughout the years was told the usual attention seeking or puberty related etc .  Sent through cross border scheme to see a Gynae specialist in Northern Ireland at 17 years old through the H.S.E to cut their waiting times as I was waiting approximately 3 years . Fast forward and results from surgery were large amounts mostly found in the Pouch of Douglas. Not much else was said our explained. As it was cross border care no more help was offered. Merina fitted at time of surgery & Pill also required with no breaks.
weight gain followed and headaches with bleeding still every few weeks . Removed after 4 years and embedded.

fast forward to age 27. Two children thankfully but bad pregnancies. Now crippled in pain periods not regular and pains can last 4 days before until a week after. Not much period cramping more pain felt in lower back and also very bottom of spine near anus .
bowel movements that have me mooing like a cow on all fours and using up to 4 heat pads at once .  Pain meds supplied . Going private is not an option as work full time and get by like a normal individual. No care really available to me at my last Gynae appointment they sympathised so much and sent a referral to the endometriosis clinic in Ireland . A waiting list that could take two years . Been offered injections to put me into menopause temporarily .
where does one go? How can one be left in such a situation ? Horrific pains that leave you in bursts of agony and tears and unless you have a lot of money no help . The system is so wrong the wait is cruel

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