Mental health support for pain and infertility of endometriosis

Your pain is NOT in your head

Your pain needs to be addressed appropriately by an endometriosis expert. But the frustration and trauma of long-lasting pain or infertility might impact your mental health. And mental health is no less important than physical health.

You still need an endometriosis mental health expert by your side

A good mental health expert should consider a patient as a whole person. This means that mental health improvement strategy should be in alignment with the the whole care plan for an endometriosis patient. The experts need to know how endometriosis patients might have been mistreated and neglected before. These mental health experts should factor in the necessity of a good endometriosis treatment strategy and plan for the mental health care accordingly.

iCareBetter adds Mental Health Experts

In line with our belief in the holistic care for patients with endometriosis, we will be adding top mental health experts to the iCareBetter.

These top experts will offer the following services:
1- Mental health care for those with chronic pelvic pain
2- Mental health care for those dealing with infertility
3- Support groups

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